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  1. Okay this is what i have done up-to now. Then my whole hopes went down...I booted into the OS and i came across an error saying "Press and hold down the power botton..." in 5 different laguages along with a power button icon on a grey BG I tried the -v thing but i didn't understand anything,********And i didn't do anything with flags and kexts and can any one Skype or Google hangout with me plz...i hate typing! i have a lot more to describe too! Please Help me I am dying to use OS X 10.8.2
  2. [Guide] Installing Niresh Distro In A Pc

    This is just perfect thanks!
  3. I started of downloading Niresh's OS X 10.8.2,Then i will bun it off on a DVD....will catch up once every things done!...THanks
  4. Hey,I am new to all of this Hackintossh But i have a very good BG in tech and OS booting and installations,But i cant find a Good Step by step tutorial on the internet...I have never tried OSX in my life and my friends all hav it...I Have a separate internal HDD with me(320GB),and all the necessary components...but i have no idea how to start!My Specs{images}http://imgur.com/a/KkaPe#0My detailed specshttp://pastebay.com/1391446