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  1. problem with intel hd 2000 and finder

    same here qe ci seems to work Launchpad is fine safari stopped flicking but finder DVD player and photo booth keep asking me to reopen I did a little research and it seems to be a hardware failure don't know what to do and hackintoshers in all forums keep ignoring this video card without giving us a specific answer of what to do because most of us have very compatible hardware and we cant change the video card because its integrated I give up im going back to windows
  2. Audio Not working after 10.9.3 update

    try voodoo hda latest 2.8.5 if your Audio card have hdmi
  3. Intel HD Graphics

    this card seems to be quite a challenge allot of people having problems with it
  4. Intel HD Graphics

    Hi! guys i need help i installed mavericks 10.9 distro and everything went well i even updated to 10.9.3 and everything working smoothly the problem i had from the beginning is graphics my processor is intel pentium B960 sandy bridge motherboard i googled and it says it have intel hd graphics that is based on the HD Graphics 2000 clocked at 650 / 1100 (with Turbo Boost). it shows device vendor 8086 and device id 0x0106 is there is any chance or hope to get QE/CI support on this device? or should i just give up please!! guys i tried allot of forums and they just ignored me