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  1. same here qe ci seems to work Launchpad is fine safari stopped flicking but finder DVD player and photo booth keep asking me to reopen I did a little research and it seems to be a hardware failure don't know what to do and hackintoshers in all forums keep ignoring this video card without giving us a specific answer of what to do because most of us have very compatible hardware and we cant change the video card because its integrated I give up im going back to windows
  2. try voodoo hda latest 2.8.5 if your audio card have hdmi
  3. this card seems to be quite a challenge allot of people having problems with it
  4. Hi! guys i need help i installed mavericks 10.9 distro and everything went well i even updated to 10.9.3 and everything working smoothly the problem i had from the beginning is graphics my processor is intel pentium B960 sandy bridge motherboard i googled and it says it have intel hd graphics that is based on the HD Graphics 2000 clocked at 650 / 1100 (with Turbo Boost). it shows device vendor 8086 and device id 0x0106 is there is any chance or hope to get QE/CI support on this device? or should i just give up please!! guys i tried allot of forums and they just ignored me