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  1. Can't even start installation

    Just tought of that, does it have something to do with the fact that my BIOS does not support AHCI? I've read somewhere that ML supports non-ahci drives. Also, noticed that it show boot0: done before loading Windows.
  2. Can't even start installation

    @ It loads some commands and then simply restarts. I'm starting to think that ML hates me. In the bios, I have AMD Virtualization enabled, Legacy boot enabled and Secure boot disabled.
  3. Can't even start installation

    Hey @ thanks for the answer. So I did your command (hp -v), it loaded some non-default kernel without Kernel Cache and theeen... Black screen. So i don't know if it's loading something but there is no CD activity or HD activity.
  4. boot0: error

    Bump, tried reinstalling this thing today with the Chimera bootloader but sends me again to a boot0: error.
  5. Hey everybody. I tried to install ML today on my HP 15 e036sf laptop that has no AHCI support whatsoever in dual boot with Windows 7. I have Windows 7 working nicely. So i tried starting the OS X Installation via the CD but it just restarts. No installation. Any ideas?
  6. How can I install Lion?

    Okay so I'd like to install Lion on my HP 15 e036sf that has NO AHCI support. I tried installing it and the bootloader well...failed and got me some boot0:GPT boot0:error Is there any ways I can install Lion on this laptop without it failing my hard disk? Which kexts should I select at the installation to do a dual boot with Windows 8 afterwards? Thanks in advance for the answers
  7. boot0: error

    Hey everybody. I tried to install Lion on my HP 15 e036sf and well...it doesn't work. The installation went successful and when ijt rebooted, I got this: Boot0: GPT Boot0: GPT Boot0: GPT boot0: error And I can't start Windows or anything like that. My computer says it's missing it's OS. I precise thatnI installed Lion because my bios does not support AHCI and I installed it on a 160G partition on the same disk as Windows. Any ideas what happened?
  8. Installer issue

    Ok, anyway i'll stick with Lion. Also found these kexts (for Mountain Lion) that made non-ahci drives compatible with ML. Do you think these will work with Lion? Here's the link: http://www.osx86.net/topic/14336-ip35-e-no-ahci-with-mountain-lion/
  9. Installer issue

    Okay, i'll try Lion, thanks for the answer. There is a special way to update from Lion to Mountain Lion afterwards?
  10. Installer issue

    I heard from many sites that Niresh support non-ahci drives, that why i chose it. Also found this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290644-installing-os-x-on-non-ahci-drive-laptop/ Can this work with Mavericks? I tried also to boot with the command amd -v oramd -x GraphicsEnabler=No And I get this: Edit: So you're telling me that I can install Lion without AHCI?
  11. Installer issue

    Okay so I got approximatively the same problem as here: https://www.hackintosh.zone/forums/topic/2077-cant-boot-usb-mavericks-installer/ So I have this HP 15-e036sf with a AMD A4-5000 APU, my motherboard does not support AHCI, too. But, I'd like to install Mavericks in dual boot with the Windows 8 the laptop came in. I partitionned the HDD and created a Mavericks usb with Win32 Disk Imager. Then, the problems came, when I wanted to boot from the usb stick, it would detect it correctly and all that stuff, but the installer just refuses to load. I tried starting it with -v and it gave me command lines that scrolled too fast to see what it said and then, simply restarted. Even if I try to start it normally, it simply restarts. Is it a problem from my processor (As I saw in the pinned topic) or my usb that was not correctly made?