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  1. Hackintosh Mavericks

    link says error...
  2. I opened a topic on 10.8.2 "can't boot dvd" and i want to try 10.8.5 1- i firstly try without using clover, cant boot. 2- i try with easybcd and nothing change. 3- i try with clover bootloader, and i choose niresh's mac option, in verbose mode, in safe mod but but wait on there and pc restart itself. Sometimes Apple logo shown and after 2 seconds restart itself, so any ideas for me?
  3. Cant Boot 10.8.2 Dvd

    if you'll try 10.8.5, please write here to results.
  4. Cant Boot 10.8.2 Dvd

    Bro, i try with USB after that but doesnt seen on Clover, it seems Legacy OS, and nothing happens, some experts should help us. I think we should try 10.8.5. But i cannot download beacuse of my quota.
  5. Cant Boot 10.8.2 Dvd

    Hey, i just install the chameleon bootloader on my usb, after that i click the mac os x lion, waits and give me error. Actually im not into installing mac on windows, anybody helps me? What can i do, DVD will not broken cause the other DVD gives same error. Ä° have Intel Core 2 Quad processor.
  6. Mac OS X and Windows on the same hdd.

    He writes install linux with grub, we can choose the os on GRUB?
  7. Mac OS X and Windows on the same hdd.

    Can you open them please, im very noob on that, im sorry, these are so different for me. And this is for Windows PC?

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