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  1. Installation Problem

    i have already downloaded 10.8 version iso but still it is giving the same responce
  2. Installation Problem

    i'm asking that if niresh 10.9.dmg will work with a dvd otherwise i've downloaded 10.8.iso and i wrote it on a dvd but i gives the same response what should i do??
  3. Problem while booting the USB with Maverick

    I also have the same problem i thought that my .dmg file is corrupted so i downloaded niresh 10.8 .iso for dvd but it's giving the same response is there someone who can help us as Aman said to delete .kexts from usb via other mac pc i tried this also but i can't open my pendrive after writing on it and in 10.8 there is no folder like that HELP US!!!!
  4. Installation Problem

    will this work? with a dvd
  5. Installation Problem

    No , I mounted it with win32diskimager but someone said that deleting graphic .kexts can solve my problem but i can't open my pendrive neither in another mac pc nor in mine windows pc so what should i do now
  6. Installation Problem

    where is mac breaker guide?? can you give me the url
  7. Installation Problem

    I am unable to boot mavericks usb from the .dmg file Every time i try to boot from mac usb It says "Error encountered while starting your Computer Pausing 5 seconds" What should i do now. Pls Help I want to install Mac os on my pc and MY pc is intel