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  1. Bios Version 2403 ( latest ) BIOS settings : SATA configuration : AHCI Primary Video Controler: GFX0 Express gate: Disable Partitions on HDD was created under Windows (without format ) Install flag amd -v
  2. I install 10.8.5 It works !!!
  3. What do you mean? I have AMD CPU.
  4. When I use this flags take message: Can't find /amd64 Cant't find /amd It works. Musty be: -amd64 -v
  5. I try 10.9. Create USB and... without flags - restart pc with flags: amd -v amd64 -v amdfx -v Next I add flags: UseKernelCache=No -x ... every time the same: SMC: successfully initialized and stop. Any idea? ps GraphicsEnabler=No -x not work
  6. After instalation (10.8.2) I take message: Install Failed, OSX could not be install on your computer..... Try selecting your disk using Start Disk utility. Click Restart to .... installing again. Please help where is a problem. I check in Disk Utylity - partition is bootable. My PC: AMD Athlon X2 260 3,2GHz Asus M4A88T-M (chipset AMD 880G, bridge AMD SB700 ) 4Gb DDR3 (no dualchannel ) NVIDIA GTX560Ti HDD and DVD on SATA (AHCI mode). OSX was install on MBR (Windows will by next)