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  1. Post-Installation Help

    Hey Guys, Great work with the Mac OSX 10.9 . I was able to boot it to my flash drive and install it with ease. However, I need some post installation tips/hand holding. The Combo Update to 10.9.3 is being downloaded at the moment. I have attached the System Report to this post. Problem #1 - There are some issues with the Audio so can you help me out? Problem #2 - I have a GTX 560 card. Where can i get the LATEST drivers for it? Problem #3 - I partitioned the disk into two. But when I start my pc... it doesn't boot. All i see is a blinking 'dash'. I have to hold F8... select the flash drive and then use the Bootloader to load the Mac. Is there any way I can boot without using the usb? Problem #4 - The UI feels a wee bit laggy... is there anything i can do to speed it up? I'd really appreciate a quick response.H Have a great day, Sam.