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  1. do you have a guide on how to install this with USB option and not CD because I don't have access to CDs right now
  2. It says that the fake smc failed to initialize smc devices then goes down 2 lines then says PCI configuration begain then stops
  3. Never mind my last post I tried this and it didn't work
  4. how do i do this i am using chameleon as my bootloader
  5. how do i do this i am using chameleon as the bootloader
  6. Hi im stuck at the apple logo before the install process just after booting the usb drive. The apple logo comes up the the little spinning thing at the bottom of the screen comes up and it spins for a few minutes then it just stops spinning. I have tried booting with "-v'' ''-x'' ''GraphicsEnabler=yes/no'' and ''-s''. I have no erased my hard drive completely because i would like to dual boot both windows and OS X. I am running pretty much stock besides windows 8.1 my specs are 3 GB ram Graphics Processor Intel GMA 4500MHD Chipset Mobile Intel GM45 Express Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor Please help really would like to get this to work.