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  1. Hp DC7800 hangs at PS2 Mouse load

    Sorted this with some research as I suspected after a successful install with -x safe mode that the problem was USB ports. USBBusFix=Yes Enable the EHCI and UHCI fixes (disabled by default). EHCIacquire=Yes Enable the EHCI fix (disabled by default). UHCIreset=Yes Enable the UHCI fix (disabled by default). Using these I was able to get it to boot but now have a network problem. But it looks like this may be resolved by a reboot.
  2. Hp DC7800 hangs at PS2 Mouse load

    Further info... I've started ok in safe mode with -x but this makes me wonder what else is being left out.
  3. Not sure what I've done wrong here but I've downloaded Yosemite 10.10.1 and have been reading on this site and others for months before having another go at getting this HP DC7800 SFF to install Yosemite. There are a few issues I've noticed on the Verbose boot including ACPI Errors and warnings but it keeps going until it gets to VoodooPS2Mouse. The first indication of a fault is when I see this: VoodooPS2Trackpad: Identify TouchPad command failed. Clearly there isn't one on this computer so that's understandable but it hangs on the next line with this: VoodooPS2Mouse Version 1.8.13 loaded... That's as far as it gets. I don't have a PS2 mouse connected, only USB mouse through a KVM switch. It isn't practical to connect directly for me and I don't really want to dig out a PS2 mouse (not convinced that would solve the problem anyway). So as a search hasn't shown anything yet can anyone advise what I should do to get this install working? I'm assuming I'll have to disable the PS2 mouse and touchpad install but I don't as yet know how to do that. I'll keep looking and post an update if I find anything. Hmm... No not Clover bootloader. No idea why I thought it was.
  4. I've spent months reading the forums and downloading etc. and I've finally got round to trying to boot with a Yosmite build stick and so far it reboots. Will be reading more again tomorrow now I know what is happening. This screenshot of yours makes me think this is a BIOS issue but hard to know without more info. I'd suggest read the guid and make sure all BIOS options are set correctly then try again.