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  1. "Missing bluetooth controller transport"

    Using GraphicsEnabler=No disable that or i have to do in bios setup? I have tried GraphicsEnabler=No, Because i'm almost sure that i can't disable in bios setup. But i'll see it again. Hi, what this second commando do? i didn't seen that option on Mavericks boot-loader helper. But i''l try it now =p
  2. "Missing bluetooth controller transport"

    Hi, i'm trying to install Mavericks by USB on my intel pc with windows installed. I applied Mavericks MBR Patch for my version (13A603) and i'm getting "Missing bluetooth controller transport". I tried a few commands but no one worked. If i boot the installer from Clover i get "Error loading drivers" If i boot with boot-loader from Mavericks i get "Missing bluetooth controller transport". Mobo: Intel DG45ID Video: Radeon 5770 HD 4GB DDR2 HD: 1TB (100GB for MAC OS) Bios: AHCI Activated UEFI Off HPET On Don't know what to do now. Any help? Thanks in advance! I'll provide the screenshot of the KP.