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  1. [HELP] can't boot installer..

    specs: Model: Dell Inspiron 14r 5437 HDD: 500GB Seagate Momentus Thin HDD Mode: AHCI CPU: i5-4200U RAM: 8GB GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400, [Nvidia Optimus GT740M 2GDDR, not planning to use] Chipset: Intel 8 Series Chipset USB: 2-USB 3.0 port | 1-USB 2.0 port WiFi: Intel Wireless AC 7260 [Planning to upgrade soon to BCM94352] Link to BCM94352=http://goo.gl/DFAfKr NIC: Realtek PCI-e FE Ethernet controller I use macpwn to make a bootable yosemite USB installer.. That's all.. I am using ordinary boot-arg: -x -v But cannot boot into installer.. Some sort of kernel panic. http://imgur.com/EnaTqrO
  2. [DUAL BOOT] How to dual boot Mavericks and Win7 UEFI

    that means.. create a partition beside windows 7... and directly select that partition to install mac osx.. and use macpois0n to install clover?
  3. [DUAL BOOT] How to dual boot Mavericks and Win7 UEFI

    I thought that clover EFI bootloader is meant for non EFI based PC? Like they have only Legacy BIOS, EFI can emulate a EFI environment.
  4. [DUAL BOOT] How to dual boot Mavericks and Win7 UEFI

    diskpart "lisk disk" shows that my windows7 partition in on gpt map.. can I directly install macosx on the second partition? so which bootloader to load windows 7.. How to modify it?
  5. I have install windows 7 under UEFI bootloader.. I have free space for MacOSX Mavericks installation. How to dual boot MacOSX and Windows 7 UEFI? I am not good at bootloaders.. And I wouldn't take the risk to destroy my Win7 partition. So what is the good way to install MACOSX Mavericks under Win7 UEFI bootloader? Without losing current windows 7 installation. Thanks!