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  1. Hi all, I got it! I can say now the dmg file is not damaged. Finally I found out the problem's origin, thanks to DMG Extractor, a tool that tells why the dmg cannot be browsed in Windows. All the other tools I had tried before simply showed messages such as "unknown type" or "the file may be corrupted". DMG Extractor identifies the problem in the MBR file, which seems to be the cause for these other tools not to load the image. DMG Extractor cannot either, but at least it explains why. BTW, the dmg file can be browsed with HFSExplorer, for which the MBR file is not a problem. I don't know why copying the dmg image failed. I've been using that usb for years and it can be formatted and used without a single problem, but the dmg copy always fails in the same point (71%) with that usb pendrive. I must assume there must be some fault in the usb memory preventing the copy process finishing successfully. I used a new usb to burn the dmg image and it worked fine. So let's go now to next step, installing OS X .
  2. Thanks for your reply, ogrosticlops. I understand the advantage of using USB instead of DLDVD, but trying to get a working copy is becoming a hard time. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've tried so far two OS, three torrent clients and three image writing tools with the same frustrating result. Let me a couple of questions that could help me: - Can you (or anyone else) see the contents of your dmg image (the one you got from the torrent and used to install OS X) by using a tool able to manage dmg files on windows (like PowerISO, etc.)? Because I can't (6 files downloaded so far). And I think I should if the image were healthy, but maybe I'm wrong and a USB image works differently and no tool for windows is able. - Is it necessary to format or prepare the USB in any special way? Or maybe to somehow configure USB driver on windows? I just followed the videos and articles posted on this site and others on youtube: formatting it through windows hd tool in FAT32. Nothing else. Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your quick reply, Niresh. I tried your new link but the result was exactly the same, even with usbit. Now I'm trying from a Linux laptop, using Transmission as torrent client. This client allows me to monitor the statistics of the download. Right now these are (actually bad): - Downloaded: 880 MB - Discarded (corrupted): 1.07 GB I still think there is something wrong with this torrent. Your tracker keeps all the time telling "Tracker gave HTTP response code 500 (Internal Server Error)", and most of the download (+90%) comes from the second seed (the first one seems to be inactive). Could you please check the health of the torrent seed? A final question: the ISO version seems to be OK. Can it be used, on a DL DVD, instead of the USB version, to install OS X on an HP laptop? Is there any reason to better use a USB? Thanks
  4. Hi, I've downloaded the Mavericks installer for USB through the torrent provided in this website. When I try to burn it to a usb, the process stops at 71%. I've tried with Win32DiskImager as well as TransMac with the same result. When I try to see the file contents with PowerISO, which is able to manage dmg images in Windows, it says the partition type is unknown (I can see other dmg files without any problem). Apparently the DMG file is damaged. I've downloaded the torrent several times with different torrent clients, with the same result every single time. I'm currently stuck with this. I do not know what to do further. Does anyone else have the same problem? Please help! PS: my system is windows 8.1