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  1. Mavricks USB won't boot

    thanks for the reply..I didn't know that because I thought that ISO will work. all the OSs I have installed it was ISO..I will try this DMG file.
  2. Mavricks USB won't boot

    I have downloaded mavericks 10.9 ISO file when I used it for VMware. it works fine but when I tried to install Mac Mavericks 10.9 on PC (ThinkPad R61 I have installed hackintosh 10.7 before on it and it was fine) first I used win32 image to copy iso file into the USB stick (I tried both sandisk & Transcend) but the laptop won't boot from any at all I thought the laptop has problems with booting but I tried windows & ubuntu both working fine. also I tried to use Transmac & disk utility with no luck. anyone has a solution for that.. Thanks