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  1. Try using cpus=1 -v then screen
  2. Freeze on booting usb

    are you using uefi mode or legacy ?
  3. Fix The Forum Header Logo

    done sorry about that
  4. Fix The Forum Header Logo

    i check this
  5. Why No Audio

    try this https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/48-voodohda-hackint0sh/
  6. Customize Install Nirech Maverick

    please explain spec better what proccer graphics card etc lik my sig or you wont get help
  7. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    no im unable to get smooth display from my laptop but if u can help i can then setup a guilde for hp laptops thanks!
  8. [Successful] I5 3570K - Ga Z77M-D3H - Hd4000

    how about laptop i need help getting interl accerator cause my hackintosh choppy and sluggish and flick on safari can u help please
  9. Is It Safe To Upgrade To 10.9.1

    thanks will it fix issues with smoothness as my hackintosh is choppy and sluggish no intel hd accerator
  10. Mavericks Is Fine But....thanks Niresh

    https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/48-voodohda-hackint0sh/ install this for sound http://chameleon.osx86.hu/static/some-words-about-donation?ref=file_download/25/VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg download this and install to fix mouse issus
  11. Niresh 10.9.0 Atom N270 Cpu

    look at my sig u need to explain ur spec like myn we cant say ffrom what u posted
  12. Intel Hd 4000 Choppy And Sluggish

    none it a laptop with hdmi and vga
  13. Alc 889 In Formula V

    try https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/48-voodohda-hackint0sh/