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  1. I am trying to install the latest Niresh 10.9 on an E series Vaio laptop (the 17" model) but, after the initial Apple screen, it presents a white box containing a picture of an Apple keyboard in profile and saying "To pair a Bluetooth keyboard, turn it on and wait for your computer to connect to it." Everything around this box is grey; there are no buttons, menus, or other means to proceed or skip this step, and it sits there forever. This is before ever reaching any portion of the installer. I thought originally that this error might be connected with the common "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport" error, which verbose boot indicated I was suffering from. However, this was remedied by using "UseKernalCache=No" at startup. I no longer have an error relating to the Bluetooth controller, but am still stuck at this screen prompting me to pair a keyboard with no way forward. (It comes up even in verbose boot.) Suggestions would be appreciated!