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  1. booting issues after mavericks installation

    now these are the screen shot of the BIOS , if i remove the niresh USB , i do not get the innitial boot menu , instead system givem me boot 0 error .... secondly , if i connect my windows hard drive with windows installed and previously booting , it does not boot , even if i disable UEFI boot . ACPI was on by default . no HPTE 64 bit option is available in bios . thirdly , i m trying to install multibeast to see if it resolves no Audio issue , and improves the resolution , but i have no clue what options to choose in the multibeast menu ... lastly , how should i boot the windows hard drive , its not booting any more ...
  2. dear admins , I have successfully installed niresh mavericks on my system , the system configuration is , intel core i7 3770 intel DP67DE motherboard gtx 550 ti graphics Nvidia 24 GB ram Kingston and this was my experience walkthrough , i created a bootable USB , using win32 disk imager . restored all BIOS setting to default , enabled UEFI boot from bios . ACPI was on by default in bios . and apparently windows was running on ACPI . however UEFI was disabled in default settings . there was no HPTE option in bios so i couldnt do anything about it , i dissconnected my windows hard drive by removing SATA cable . and plugged in my USB , niresh boot screen came up , and i went ahead with the install , created a 200gb partition of the 1 TB HDD . i left the rest as free space to be picked up by windows if possible . the install went fine , the system restarted , but during the innitial setup screen it was always freezing .... so i restrated , gave the boot flag -x ( safe mode ) it went ahead fine , and i was able to boot without freezing , niresh did all the work after i booted in , KEXT permission prompts kept coming up and i finally saw a messege saying that my system is successfully optimized by niresh . i restarted , NIRESH USB is still plugged in , i again get the boot screen , and this time i did not gave the boot flag -x .. i let it boot normally , the boot was successful . the mac is working fine and flawlessly , however , no Audio in my system right now , and no option i get for a resolution above the standard resolutions , 1280 x 1024 ____________________________________________________________________________ now i downloaded multibeast , and i had no clue what do do with it , installed it randomly , and pooof , the system would not boot any more , i repeated the whole of the installation ... and now comes the main problems 1. if i unpluG the niresh USB , it gives no boot screen . and i cannot boot in . after booting in , if i remove the USB it works fine , but to get an innitial niresh boot menu , i have to plug in the niresh USB every time . 2. the windows was running previously on ACPI , however , the UEFI was disabled , i enabled it to install MAC . i remove the USB , disable the UEFI , (sata controller is still ACPI ) but windows still would not boot . plus , more over , no way me to boot into mac , if i dont plug in the niresh USB . whats interesting here , is the point , that even after disabling UEFI boot from bios , if i plug in the niresh USB . i can still boot into mac with UEFI disabled . without any boot flags . but i want the solution for these 3 problems . 1. to be able to boot without plugging in USB every time . 2. wireless card not working , no Audio works . 3. i want a dual boot option in my system , how can that be done . i have been very precise about every detail , and if you need any more i will be glad to help , it would benefit others as well . so please look into this matter . i will come back , with the -v boot flag screen errors . thank you . ________________________________________________________________________
  3. Screen Freezes at Setup Screen

    one more thing i booted using the bootflag -x ( safe mode ) and it booted successfully , will update if i restart it back and it faces any troubles /
  4. Screen Freezes at Setup Screen

    this problem is not limited to AMD only its happening with my intel too intel core i7 3770 24 gb gtx 550 ti z77 asrock .
  5. Osx-Maverics.dmg Is Corrupt :(

    renaming the file to ISO is not working as well ..
  6. Osx-Maverics.dmg Is Corrupt :(

    i tried 10 different virtual drive tools , and none of them is mounting , even tried a different system but none of the virtual drive tools were able to mount the dmg file .