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  1. AppleNForceATA.kext KP at boot

    i did it ., but now it showing PCI Pairity error f1 to continue f2 reboot ,., (screen freez unable to select f1 or f2) @
  2. IOATAFamily Kernal Panic

    My mobo not havng AHCI .,., wen i select cpus=1 ., it freez at PCI Parity error f1 to continu f2 to reboot .,., but keyboards is unusable (screen freez) My H/W detail .,,
  3. IOATAFamily Kernal Panic

    hei , niresh , thanks for OSX M when i choose to install from USB , every thing goes right until it reboot, after reboot im getting a kernel panic IOATAFamily what is it & how to solve it ??!!
  4. AppleNForceATA.kext KP at boot

    Same problem Here !! how to solve ??? @