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  1. Yes.. this is legit, I tried what he suggested and it worked like a charm use -v -x on the boot screen along with any other parameter (should you require ) -v is verbose mode, display everything happening at boot time -x is safe mode once you login to safe mode, the OS will configure itself, will take 10 min atleast, keep an eye on the notification pop ups on the top right corner, ( you may click on the bars icon next to the search magnifier icon for all pop ups ) once completed, the last pop up will be to go to Niresh Facebook page shutdown the PC and then reboot, all will go smooth, *** Note **** As i have GTX 550 ti, when i reboot in mac os x , the screen after reboot turns pink or green or any random colour including the bios screen In such case, manually force the PC to shutdown, let it sit for 30 seconds to 1 min and start it, thINGS will be fine