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  1. Hi Guys I did the backup of my extensions and kernel and replaced as suggested in guide 1878 how to fix mavericks not booting after the 1092 update. I changed the ownerships and the chmod of the S/L/E, as directed. I now get a loop error stating: "Data/Stack execution not permitted: xpcd[pid xxx] at virtual address 0x7fffxxxxxx. , protections were read-write" Any ideas please? It happens just after VM start up success. I'm desperate to get this working as I've had to reinstall multiple times. I suspect I have to replace something or mark it as hidden, I just have no idea what. I'm a linux guy, but BSD/OSX beats me hands down! PC Data Gigabyte GA 790A 16 Gig DDR3 AMD FX 6350 Radeon HD 7750 USB 3
  2. App store not working!

    This doesn't work! I have the same problem though I can't get into iCloud or iMessage either (Messages) I get Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud.
  3. Having problems with my webcam

    Hi Guys, Bit of a Newbie here, so apologies. I've tried every which way to fix the webcam.component to let my USB HD Webcam work. I've checked in profiler and it can see the cam on USB. Every application I go into, tells me there is no webcam, but the Audio works from it? HELP..... newbie having a Kernel Panic!!! Greg
  4. when selects niresh, bootloader restarts

    Disable Graphics Enabler