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  1. Its been a week since My mavericks is properly working but last night I leave home and turned off my hackintosh when i got home I turned on the pc and when i booted it just end up on the apple logo with the round wheel. And then my pc turned off so i decided to boot into verbose to see what is wrong then at the last line i saw the cpu is halted. Thats my problem. Hope you guys help me out with my problem. Thank you I dont want my hackintos ending up with a fresh and new format.
  2. Hi! Im experiencing Browser lags I dont know why pls someone help me
  3. I have problem booting my mavericks 10.9 after installation Mobo:Asrock 960gc-gs fx Gpu:ati radeon hd 5450 processor:Amd phenom XII X4 955
  4. How can I use the downloaded Amd kernel can someone pls explain to me how to use an amd kernel and some graphic kext. Pls Thank you
  5. Good day Everyone, I would just like to ask How can I use An amd kernel and graphic kext. sorry Im just a newbie to build my mavericks osx hackintosh. Thank you