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  1. Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2x2.7 GhZ 6 GB Ram 1 TB HDD ATI 5770 When I make a new account everything is working well, I think its because of the time machine restore
  2. I reinstalled the System, imported my data from Time Machine and now I got the same issue on 10.9 ? Crazy thing..
  3. Yeah, Installation worked well upgraded to 10.9.1 and now i noticed that the desktop is not responding. I cant drag files there and its not showing me my drives etc.
  4. All problems fixed, booted with -x. After i installed everything correctly, there is only 1 issue left... My Desktop is not responding, i can't drag and drop things there and my drives are not shown there
  5. Got the same problem, but when i try to use -x its still bringing up this error...
  6. Done that, but after I choose the Installpartition it get stuck at the boot logo...