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  1. I tried this kext didn't help. Within mins they returned. Anyone Please help.
  2. I used MacPoison and generated SSDT and placed in extra folder. But still laptop getting heated up. Artifacts really going me crazy. I removed all but hd3000 kexts. Tried without DSDT. No Use. I read in " Insanelymac" : " new information i.e. more testing shows that if i change just the panel size info (and leave everything else). then the built-in EDID worked perfectly. see post above. i was wrong about sync buffers etc. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293313-intel-hd3000-artifacts/ Please explain how to change panel size and where to find to change. Please Help
  3. Audio is ALC665. I searched in google to get kext. I couldn't find it. Please help. Artifact problem remain same VoodooHDA 2.8.5 is working with slight disturbance in mic. Speakers working fine. Please provide patched AppleHDA for ALC665 that helps me a lot. I am finding a new problem of laptop heating up. I don't know why and how to solve this problem.
  4. Dear Mr Deepak, I need your help very badly please. I have the same laptop as Mr Pranay. I am facing 2 issues. Artifacts & built-in mic. I used Unibeast method and installed 10.9.3. After installation I choose Chimera and other kexts from Multi-beast. I installed All-in-one solution for Audio. I patched DSDT for battery from Rehabman laptop patches. I noticed artifacts generate after some time, possibly 30 mins, after startup. I get native 1366 x 768 resolution and QE/QI. Please help and thanks in advance. Venkat Kumar
  5. Hello guys, I installed 10.9.3 on dell xps 15 l502x i5 2450m & 540m. I removed all kexts other than hd3000. I patched DSDT for battery with Rehab. I installed all-in-one solution for Audio. I am facing 2 problems one with built-in Microphone and other artifacts. I am getting QE/QI and HD 3000 graphic is working well with native resolution 1366 x 768. I noticed artifacts are generated when temp raise. Starting of laptop for about 30 mins or so artifacts begin showing up. Please need help for both issues. Thanks in advance.
  6. All in one Sound Solution

    built-in speakers working but built-in mic sloppy in alc665 dell xps 15 l502x in mavericks