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  1. I don't know how this bootloader is called...
  2. With the install USB, how can i install the bootloader only? I don't need the entire OSX, only the bootloader from the install usb
  3. Hey guys, I have OSX installed on one of my partitions on a 1TB HDD. After doing so, I could always choose from which partition I would like to boot with this Niresh bootloader. Now I wanted to install Windows on the remaining partition, expecting to be still able to boot from either on partition (OSX) or the other one (Win). But now after installing Windows I noticed, that my PC will automatically start my windows partition instead of the bootloader, what means I can only boot into windows. How can I re-enter my OSX and install the bootloader, so that i can boot either from one or the other partition?
  4. Hey guys, I just tried to install OSX 10.9 on my Desktop setup: AMD FX8350 Asrock 970 Extreme 3 R2.0 MSI GTX 760 TWIN FROZR 8 GB RAM 1000 GB HDD Installing OSX went smoothly with the bootflags -v amdfx Everything went fine. Now, when booting my system up I can choose between my OSX Partition and my Windows Partition. When setting up the boot flags -v -PCIRootUID=0 I see the verbose boot going all fine After some time the display turns black for about 2sec and turns back on with an apple logo. Now, I don't know whether to wait (already waiting for about 20min) and why I don't see any "code", although I used verbose boot? Any ideas?