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  1. Maverick on an Asus X501A1

    So, do you think I can really install it, or should I go back to 10.8 ?
  2. Maverick on an Asus X501A1

    Already tried, it didn't worked and hang at the same logo and the same line. Merci quand même ^^
  3. Maverick on an Asus X501A1

    I tried with the distro and a BootDiskUtility formated usb, clover boots, and after it shows me a crossed circle In -v, it´s a "error loading drivers", any help ?
  4. Maverick on an Asus X501A1

    Thank you a lot, I'll try it as soon as possible (surrely this afternoon after school). Je vous tien informé de l'avancement du projet ^^
  5. Maverick on an Asus X501A1

    Bonjour tout le monde ! I'm asking your help for a first Maverick install with Niresh's os. I'm not a beginner, but my previous installations were a 10.3 and a 10.5 on a very compatible pc, and a 10.9 niresh whit VBox. I hope you will give me good advices with my asus x501a1 laptop. I'm actualy running ubuntu Dual boot Window$ 8. For the hardware, it's a celeron b830 (1,8 Ghz), 4 gigs of ram, intel hd graphics 2000, but I don't really know for the other components. I would like to install osx 10.9 with niresh's distro or macpwn. Thank you for your help ps : I'm french, please excuse my shatered english