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  1. Graphics, Wifi and Battery Icon after installing

    Can anyone guide me how to see the specs in Mac osx like in The Device Manager in Windows? So that I can tell my specifications.
  2. I just installed Niresh's Hackintosh on my HP Envy successfully, However, I was facing the Black screen issue as soon as OS X booted up for the first time which I solved from the topic in this forum. Therefore, I had to backup my Gfx Kext to boot into OSX and it was written that I have to install them again, I don't know how to install them again and there is no graphic card support currently. Also, I am unable to make my wifi work and I don't know how to work with Multibeast. Configuration: AMD Radeon HD 7600M I am unsure about Wifi, it was either Realtek or Intel. Also, the battery icon. I also noticed that my laptop is overheating, any suggestions? and I am unable to lower my brightness settings now. Thank you.
  3. Stuck at Apple Logo

    I can't erase all the disk. I can only erase a single Partition, there is so much data. I dont have a backup.
  4. Stuck at Apple Logo

    Thankyou Niresh, This Kernel worked and I was able to get to the setup. However, in disk utility, I am unable to find the required partition. I have 4 partitions in my HDD and want to install the Mac in "Windows (C:) after completely formatting it. But I cannot find this in the Mac Disk utility as shown in the pictures in the attached link. Please help.
  5. Stuck at Apple Logo

    I am installing Niresh's Maverick Distro for the first time. Stuck at the screen with the Apple logo and have tried the -x -f -graphicenabler=yes PCIrootUID=0 Configuration: HP Envy6 Intel i5 Third Generation 8GB Ram Amd Radeon HD 7600 Help? Attaching the Verbose screen.