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  1. Totally Random Freezing

    Hello guys, i just want to ask for help about my problem. So here's what my problem is: RANDOM FREEZING When i first install niresh on my laptop, everything's fine except the graphics. I try to fix that problem but i can't so i just did a clean install. Right after that second install, FREEZING appears at random times. i try to fix it with installing kext and the freeze fix app but no luck so i did a third clean install. I observe for the first hour and then the freezing appears again. So i do a fourth clean install and that is what i'm running right now. The problem is the freezing still appears to be a thing on this install. those freezing moments happens at very random time and i don't know how to fix this. I hope guys you can help me with this. (((
  2. Hello everyone! So I perfectly installed mavericks on my laptop but after I reboot my laptop the resolution becomes weird and then I will install the “GenericBrightness.kext†using the kext wizard. Then right after the installation I will restart my laptop and then the resolution of my screen becomes perfect. But my problem is that I need to install the kext again for me to have the perfect resolution the next time I boot my pc. I am asking guys for help to those people who knows how to do a one-time install of the kext so that every time I boot my laptop it will automatically have the perfect resolution. I also have problem with regards to the BRIGHTNESS CONTROLLER & BLUETOOTH. I hope you can help me guys as soon as possible. Thank you in advance. God Bless. J
  3. Installing Mavericks as main and only os

    @ i have intel i3 1st gen. and also intel graphics. 4gb ram. 500 hdd. and i think it will work, do you think i can totally ditch windows and run osx as my only os? in order to do this is it right that i install niresh to my hdd that doesnt have any partition? )) thank you! ))
  4. hello everyone! so Ive been reading a lot of things about niresh and hackintosh. i just want to ask a question if i can install niresh as my main and only os. I'm on windows 8.1 right now, and i would love to take a chance on niresh and install it as my main os you know not on dual boot with windows. can someone help me on what to do about those partition instructions.. )) thanks