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  1. Migrating to SSD with current installation

    Hi! I've installed Niresh 10.9.0 and it works great. But I bought SSD disk for my laptop and I want to replace my HDD with it. And I want to keep my current installation of OS X. There are many partitions on my HDD, and Mac system is only one of them. I use flash drive to boot. So how can I move Mac partition to SSD and make it bootable with the same flash drive? I assume I need to make an image of system partition with Disk Utility and burn it to SSD. But would it be enough? Would you be so kind to give me some suggestions please?
  2. Problem with sleep in Asus K53e

    I've resolved the problem with DSDT from similar model. Sleep mode works fine (it takes ~15 sec to turn off laptop though). In case someone is interested, here is DSDT. Just put it in /Extra directory. DSDT.aml.zip
  3. Problem with sleep in Asus K53e

    Hey guys! First of all, thank you for your work, it's amazing. I installed Niresh (Mavericks) on my laptop and it works just fine. I had only to fix WiFi. But there is one problem: it doesn't want to go into sleep mode. I tried all three modes (fast, save etc.), but nothing helps. Laptop just turns off the screen and keeps doing something with hard drive infinitely. So I'm wondering, is there a way to determine the reason of this issue? I searched for it in logs, but didn't find anything relevant. Please help me. Specs: i5 Sandy Bridge Intel HM65 Express Intel HD 3000 (the only graphics card)