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  1. Horribly slow installation of OS X

    @ The installation ended just a moment ago, after ~30h. I rebooted and right now mac is setting some things up, but what I noticed it's running incredibly slow. Just entering username&password took me around 10 minutes. I guess it's just my hardware
  2. Horribly slow installation of OS X

    @ That's what I got after over 24h: The Time remaining label is changing from "About a minute" to "Less than a minute" and backwards. And that's the .vdi file created by VirtualBox, I belive it should be around 8gb total: It's now 9:33, it stopped growing over hour ago.
  3. Horribly slow installation of OS X

    @ Nope. I used .iso file
  4. Hi guys. I was trying yesterday to install Niresh's Mavericks using this guide: I came across a very slow installation, that supposedly should take only 30 mins. I left my computer running whole night and still thats all that I got: I was trying to search the internet looking for some sort of answer what is this happening, but could not find any. Is this because of my, kinda old already, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ ?