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  1. Hello, I fairly new to the Hackintosh scene, and just installed Niresh OS X on my Toshiba S55-5292NR. I was able to get everything to boot up, but I'm still running into some issues. I've pretty much accepted that the Wifi isn't going to work. I have a Realtek 8188EE adapter and haven't had any luck with finding the kexts. I'm trying to find the display kext though, and not having any luck. I have an Intel HD 4000. I also can't find anything for my sound. I don't even know where to begin with it, because wen I try to look at in Windows Device Manager or Belarc it says "IDT High Definition Audio Device" Now, for what I've tried. I've used Multibeast to install the different drivers. I've also been searching all over the internet and can't find anything that specifically says mine will work. If anyone has any advice, or has a set up similar to mine that they've had sucess with, I would appreciate the help. If you need any other info, I'll try to get it. Thanks.