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  1. Hi Any one her to help me @ still stuck in the same problem @The KingMaker
  2. I did what u till me in terminal command And still makes wizzz sound So I had to turn off laptop manually Any advice @administrators
  3. @administrators I'm sorry to desturbing you but I need to try this os in my laptop And I search over web ,didn't find solution Plz give me instruction
  4. Can you explain more You mean to write this command inside Mac terminal after running in safe mode Or write it during startup And what I will do after backup ,delete all grafics kexts or what All I need to run in normal mode then multi beast will solve every thing,right?
  5. Hi I`m a new user in niresh Mavericks I just install niresh Mavericks on my laptop every thing is fine during installation when reboot it dosn`t startup unless i put "GraphicsEnabler=No -x" in command and if i don`t put that ,laptop makes wezzz sound and stuck on logo apple and if i boot in safe mode i don`t find my NTFS partation or any attached flash drive to install multibeast v6 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Help me HP probook 4510s HDD 320 Grraphics :ATI radeon hd 4300 RAM: 4 GB