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  1. Used default AMD Kernel ( see my post the line in the first boot for install)
  2. I think same system, check as rock MB extreme3 and 4 specific difference (pan, audio, usb3, etc. )
  3. ha forghet in system ok i'm update osx 10.9.1 donwload standalone packeged and install finisch check audio-lan its ok, otherware reintall kext. reboot and system very good and stable. update other app and install new app its working good. next time use for testing hard. bye bye.
  4. i guy, i'm install ok mavericks in my pc= Asrock 990fx extreme4 AMD 8350FX 8GB Corsair xmp-1866 ssd-250 samsung (Win7) hdd-750 westerdigital (file+Game) hdd-250 seagate (mac osx 10.9.1) Radeon 5850 vapor-x 1024gb setting bios = default (on quick boot off) using usb16gb Step-by-step = boot= amdfx -x -v install wizard next at hd select and customaizer = 1-boot=default 2-graphics =nothing or default 3-audio=nothing or default 4-net=nothing 5-fake smc=default 6-boot loader flags=default 7-chipset=default 8-lattop=default 9-osx fixes =nothing 10-other=only usb3.0 set finished reboot and in camaleon choce hdd msc-osx whit "-x" option (boot in safe mode) next wizard config system, login admin and in desktop waiting niresh configure hdd and cache. next step install white kext-wizard = audio-lan-voodoo setting many preference (time-mouse_speed-and more at you whish) next reboot your system full-working only my dvd-rom (is old ide-flat ata (no sata)) not recognaise. p.s. (in procedure installetion take-off ssd-(win) and hdd- (file-game) only finished take-on hard.disk and in msc-osx use chamaleon-wizard setting hdd boot sequence. bios booting hdd-mac whaiting 15min amd possible chose system mac or win. by. see next time.