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  1. Hi All, During a failed updated to 10.9.4 I needed to restore from a back up I had of 10.9.3 (about a month or so old) - in doing so i managed to completely wipe my boot loader (didn't include it in the back up as I only used time machine). I have done a quick search and tried following a few guides (tried chameleon and clover) but still can't get it working. So i have two questions that I'm hoping for help with: 1 - how can i ensure all my failed attempts at installing chameleon and clover are fully removed from my system? 2 - can one of you fine people point me in the direction of a fool-proof guide to installing a BL (would prefer clover but ill take any at the moment). Hackintosh Specs: CPU: AMD FX6350 (Black edition) GPU: AMD 7850 MoBo: Asrock 990FX Extreme 3 Drive: Intel Series 3 320 SSD OS: Niresh OSX (installed as 10.9.0 and successfully(ish) updated to 10.9.4 IF YOU NEED ANY FURTHER SYSTEM SPECS PLEASE ASK
  2. After many (technically) successful installations that had a few major issues i have reinstalled and am now left with only a few minor issues. They are as follows: Audio not working over HDMI using AMD7850 gpu No ethernet (but wifi is working so this is a very minor thing) And unable to log into app store (and other services) using my apple ID. If any of you are able to shed some light on any of these issue it'll be greatly appreciated. In the mean time i'll keep digging around and update this should i find any solutions to these issues that others maybe facing. My specs are: CPU: AMDFX 6300 Black Edition GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 (XFX Board) MotherBoard: ASRock 990FX Extreme3
  3. Memory Allocation Error

    Nevermind after a bit more digging i solved this myself. Boot flags used= PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -x Now just to iron out the creases...
  4. Memory Allocation Error

    So after several issues trying to get niresh's 10.9.0 to install (turns out it was the USB drive I used) I've got a successful install however on boot I get met with an error message stating "Memory Allocation Error!" See attached for verbose output. Hoping someone out there has encountered this before and can advise on some boot flags to try out My specs are CPU: AMD FX6300 GPU: AMD Radeon 7850 If you need any more info on the spec just ask away Thanks, Mike
  5. So I used a new USB drive and it installed successfully.
  6. redownloaded the .dmg and still getting the same issue - anybody got any other suggestions?
  7. JUst performed hash check and got 0224eaad6b9d4f7ca764b53ba9cbc9f1 is this correct from the DMG from torrent? About to try again so hopefully ill be able to post back with good news
  8. Hi Niresh, Thanks for the quick reply - Ill try again and let you know Whats the correct hash string? Or if you could point me in the right direction of where to find it that'd be great. Mike
  9. Hi Guys, As the title suggests this is my first attempt at installing OS X on a PC. Each time I fry to install it fails, install log says an error occurred while extracting files from the package "basesystembinaries.pkg" I believed it to be bad boot disk missing the file based on the rest of the error. My Spec is: Asrock extreme 3 990fx Amd fx6300 8GB ram @1333 (iirc) And using an amd Radeon 7650 gpu Booting using amdfx Have tried PCIRootUid=0 (and =1) GraphicsEnabler=No (and =yes) Tried recreating the boot disk with same image Redownloaded the image And various combinations of everything above. Hopefully one of you guys can help me out