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  1. Help Acer Aspire one 725-0802

    Here are my specs for my acer netbook aspire one 725-0802. Just about the same as the post by this guy. After many attempts I was able to boot to the installer using -amd64. It takes about 45 mins to install os x maverick. I was able to finally get it to boot into osx and i used the multibeast to install everything. If i boot with the Chimera it will hang on the white apple screen without the spinning wheel. If i keep my usb drive used to install maverick, than it will boot into maverick just fine. I have searched around, but I cant find a fix. Problems (graphics, internet, hd) 1. My graphics are glitchy but im assuming its because of my netbook. 2. I cannot find the right kext file to allow internet for my setup. I tried the All in one but did not work, I found an old kext for realtexk PCI Fe Family controller but it was made for 10.7. I tried it but could not get it to work. Under network diagnostics it shows red lights and failed under all the settings except server it shows yellow but then goes to red and fails also. I'm sure its not compatible, but if i can get my wifi card to work even better if not at least get Ethernet working would be great. 3. Lastly, I'm assuming I have to make a partition to store files on the HD, because it does not show a hd to save things to on the the desktop or finder. Maverick only shows my usb. If anyone can help me that would be great!! -Thanks My acer netbook Processor Type AMD Dual Core Processor Processor Onboard AMD Dual-Core Processor C-60 (1.0 GHz, Cache 1MB) Memory 4 GB DDR3 Video Type AMD Radeonâ„¢ HD 6290 Hard Drive Type 320 GB Serial ATA 5400 RPM O/S Provided Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit Wireless Atheros AR5B125 Wireless Network Adapter Network Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller