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  1. the issue for me is my backbround image dont show up right host is amd pc 16 gig of ram guest os using 4 follow the guide and had the graphicsenabler=No i have a pny card ati 260
  2. i have installed 10.10.1 on virtualbox with amd as a host pc i was wondering if their is a safe way to turn off the mac on it so it dont produce the panic attack
  3. hi everyone i have 10.9 running on virtual box for testing before i do it on my pc when i tried to do a straight update from 10.9.0 to 10.9.3 the virtial box crashes i have the latest veriosn of it my pc specs is amd phenon 2 r7 240 amd radeon gphic card on a windows 7 ult would this fix up guid work on it also