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  1. Virtual box help

    Same problem.... Anyone?
  2. Same issue here. My thread:
  3. Any updates on this issue? I created another thread as you suggested, but have not recieved any responses ( Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have also tried partitioning some space to install it natively, but when I boot with UEFI, the USB is not an option (even though other USB drives work fine), so I changed to Legacy and boot to it, but once I get to the installer, I see the Apple screen for a second and then it reboots. I have tried the boot commands above (-v, -x, -s, etc) and no difference. Any ideas? Thanks! -Jerry
  5. Hello, I seem to be stuck at the "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" during install boot. If I understand correctly, is actually stuck at "DSMOS has arrived". Not even -x or -s will load or even get me to a command line. I have tried many things including, but not limited to: -v -x -v -s GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v darkwake=0 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -v UseKernelCache=No -s -x The system is an Acer Aspire V5-573P-9899, i7-4500U, Intel HD Graphics 4400. My guess is that it is something to do with the Mobo or the integrated graphics as it is a laptop. I also saw people saying to disable VT-d. I am not sure where to find this. I looked in the BIOS and did not see anything. I also tried changing the VM to "32 bit" settings and disabling VT-x, but that didn't work and everything that I have read says to leave that on. I am running the system in Vritualbox (see SS attached) and I have tried both Linux and Windows Hosts, so I am pretty sure it is not the host OS. any ideas? Thanks!