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  1. Hi everyone. I've been trying to install Yosemite in my pc (specs in the end of the post). At first, it didn't even boot. After booting (with npci=0x2000 and /amdfx flags) when it was time to use the "disk utilitys" tool, I realize that there was no hard drive detected, only the flash drive with the yosemite dmg. I don't know what to do. I didn't have this problem with Mavericks (already installed in one of my hard drives). In the mavericks installation didnt have to use the npci=0x2000 flag either) I've noticed that one of the final lines in the verbose mode before the installation screens shows up is "ATA: Device wake up failed (0x00000003), terminating device...". I don't know if this has to do with the problem or not. I'm kinda new on this. PC Specs: AMD FX 8320 ASUS M5A88-V EVO 8GB RAM AMD R7 265 Graphic Card. Anyway, hope you can help me. Any hint on what to do it's welcome. PS: I apologize if there's something that isn't clear. English it's not my native language. Thanks.
  2. Also you may have a problem, the mouse is "offset", when you click it clicks next to where you clicked. To solve this go in the VM Ware (in any moment, no need to restart the vm) "Edit" -> Prefences ->Input. In "Optimize mouse for games" select "Always" and done.
  3. This works. What you need to do is: Install the Niveresh Mavericks from 0 again (erase the previous virtual machine/create a new one). But, in the moment that you choose the OS (Windows, Linux, Other, etc) you need to select "Microsoft Windows" and "Windows 7 64 bits". I did this and it works. (Btw, the hardrive must be IDE or Sata, I used IDE). I also tried to change this from the settings in the previous virtual machine that I've created before (using "Other" and "Other 64 bits") to Windows 64 bits, but it didnt work, creating a new one did. I know that this post comes months later but hope it works anyway. (Sorry about the english, Im tired and its not my native language).