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  1. Push for Baytrail Graphics Kexts

    I'm seeking hackintosh noobs and people who desire to hackintosh their computers who own devices with baytrail processors (2013 and later pentium, atom, and celeron). We need highly skilled hackintoshers who can make or modify Mac OSX kernel extensions (kexts) to modify the IntelHD3000 or IntelHD4000 kexts to work with intel gen7 (Baytrail) graphics, as I believe that gen7 is based on the ivy bridge (HD40000) architecture. There are many people who own baytrail tablets or have built their own Baytrail-D pc's who want to hackintosh, but due to lack of support, cannot. I, personally, am running a dell inspiron 11 3000 i1347 model 2in1 pc with baytrail pentium N3530. My Mavericks installation works like a dream all other than the lack of graphics acceleration. To the hackintosh people out there that wish to see these kexts go from wish to reality, please reply to this topic stating that you would support this cause as well, and contribute any useful information you may have on this issue if maybe you're not a complete noob I hope to get the word out about this so we can use the skills and knowledge of the hackintosh community as a whole and over the course of the next year or so possibly have at least some baytrail processors fully supported (graphics and all) in any OSX version 10.9 and up by the end of the year. Happy belated new year to everyone and happy hackintoshing!
  2. Sounds awesome, and i wish you the best of luck. If you happen to post your success in a new thread please link it here Thanks!
  3. I'm running Mavericks on 2014 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series 2in1, model i3147-3750slv, Intel BayTrail Pentium N3530. With the kernel in my previous reply, Mavericks runs remarkably well, no complaints or issues aside from non-existent graphics support. That's no big deal though considering there are laptops with HD3000 and so on that should be working OBO but still need some sort of patches. I don't expect it to be easy to enable QE/CI for BayTrail as there is not even a framebuffer kext for it like there is for normal i-series graphics. Like I said though, this only seems to work correctly with chameleon. I can confirm as of now that the issues I mentioned previously regarding clover (double speed animation, certain features missing in bar on top of screen, most particularly the bluetooth icon) - I did also discover that it may not just be an issue with chameleon or clover, as when I upgraded from chameleon 2378 to enoch chameleon, I had the same issue. 2378 is the last version of chameleon before the team began to incorporate stuff for yosemite, so maybe the reason clover had that issue is only because I was using whatever version that clover configurator gave me. My hackintosh progress is a bit slow right now but I'll report back when I test a clover version from before yosemite. If anybody is interested in the original thread where i got the patched kernel, here's the link: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301132-cannot-reach-installation-on-dell-inspiron-11-3147/ cgsg2017 on that thread is me just fyi. Happy Hackintoshing!
  4. HP G72 Niresh Install

    Hey! Glad to have you as our newest addition to Hackintosh Community. I remember the old days - I was once a noob too! Anyway, the simplest solution to your problem if it is unsupported graphics drivers is: 1: Boot using single user mode - if you are booting with chameleon, you will have to type -s, if booting with clover, you will have to press the space bar when your mac installation is highlighted, and select single user mode. If you need help any of this ask me any specific questions and I should be able to help you. 2. The screen will show a whole bunch of crazy text, none of which you most likely understand at this point, but that's fine, you don't need to yet. Eventually, the text will come to an and and you will be able to type. ype the following exactly and press enter at each new line: mount -uw / grafix backup all shutdown -r now your computer will then reboot. Try booting into mac now, see if it works. If it doesn't, please post back with your issue. If it doesn't work, make sure that before you post back here, you boot and type -v in chameleon or boot verbose in clover. Then while it's booting and showing you all he crazy text, try to snap some pictures of what it says, especially the last messages before it reboots or freezes. Also, just fyi, this solution basically moves the accelerated graphics drivers from their default system location, preventing them from loading. Many times in hackintoshing, a freeze or glitch during the boot means problematic graphics acceleration drivers, They will load, but not work properly and freeze the screen due to patches that may be required. So basically, this solution will allow you to use your hackintosh but you will not be able to watch most videos smoothlly, will not be able to run 3D applications or games, and wil cause very minor graphics glitches here and there (if gone as expected). If you've seen posts where your graphics card is supported,You will have to seek help from other users of your same computer in order to enable support. But, until then, try this solution.
  5. System installation

    At what point in the installation does the computer reboot? Can you get to the installation screen? Usually there are no graphics card issues until after you install OSX sine the installer does not use drivers for accelerated graphics.
  6. Hey! I have a Pentium Baytrail processor, but it has has the same bus speed and also runs 2.16Ghz (2.58Ghz Turbo) - Can't guarantee this will work, but I have this custom kernel from another forum post about my specific computer. With this kernel, everything runs fine, but you need to boot with these boot flags: -f PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x3000 it is possible you will need cpus=4 but try without it first FYI, this kernel is only made to work in 10.9 Mavericks, but I've never tested it on Yosemite, so it is possible it might work. Some other pointers: Depending on your native screen resolution, you will need to use the flag "Graphics Mode"="[yournativeresolution]x32" - Example, "Graphics Mode"="1366x768x32" - type exactly as is, caps and quotes and all. you will need to use this flag until you enable graphics support for your gen7 graphics. This kernel has worked much better with chameleon bootloader (which you must boot in legacy bios mode to use) than clover (UEFI boot mode) - It's been a while since I tried clover, but think the two issues I had were the speed of the animations and some of the top taskbar icons dissapearing. Feel free to try clover if you prefer that and let me know how it goes. If this kernel works for you, please keep me and the community updated on your progress, as there are many people interested in installing OSX on baytrail tablets and laptops - for me specifically, the thing I absolutely need the most to figure out with my hackintosh is how to enable support for the integrated gen7 intel graphics. I hear hackintosh graphics support is much easier to troubleshoot in clover than in chameleon, but of course you will have to figure out how to get the clover bootloader to work well with your baytrail installation first. So basically if you make any progress with making clover work well, please please update, and if you ever make the slightest bit of progress with enabling graphics support either in clover or chameleon, please please PLEASE update!!! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions that may not be relevant to the forum as a whole but are relevant to this issue. Good Luck! mach_kernel P.S. What bootloader are you currently using?
  7. Black Screen after chameleon with installer USB

    I am encountering the same problem on dell inspiron 11. Zador, I think what he means is that when we boot verbose, we see chameleon's "Loading kernel cache" and the like, but after that just a black screen - the installer never boots. It is not a graphics problem as the installer never starts booting to load any drivers. I somewhat new to hackintoshing, I've made only two hackintosh laptops , but my guess would be a problem with chameleon, the kernel, or the bios. If anybody has anymore ideas or insight on the issue please come forward, it would help us a lot and I would really appreciate it. Happy hackintoshing guys! UncleAcid, have you tried using one of the amd kernels? Although I have an intel, if you try a different kernel and it works, that would let me know if that's is the problem for me as well. If you haven't tried please try and respond back when you get the chance.
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to using forums, and somewhat experienced with Hackintoshing. I have an Acer Aspire v5 571p 6698 touchscreen laptop, which has intel hd3000 graphics, intel core i3 2377m cpu, 8gb ram, 750 gb hd, - i don't really know much else about it, if you need other specs let me know. I have absolutely everything working on Mavericks 10.9.5, including the touchscreen, minus built in wifi and Hd3000 graphics acceleration. I'm not too worried about wifi right now, i have a usb adapter for now. Anyway, I've been trying everything i can think of to get the snbframebuffer to load, but I never can. I can boot without acceleration if I delete the snbfb kext (I don't have to delete anything else, actually). I have mbp8,1 smbios, and edited dsdt with rehabmans hd3k low res patch, rename gfx0 to igpu patch, and hd3000 on 7-series patch (i believe this laptop actually does have a 7-series mobo). I managed to get rid of the "agpm controller unknown platform error" with the smbios and rename to igpu patch, but I still can't boot with snbfb. Now I either get "SNB Framebuffer did not show up, unload" error as I would get before, or the verbose boot stops at "fGPUIdleIntervalMS = 0" and doesn't show anything past that, and does not show the snbfb load error. If i delete the snbfb kext and boot verbose, the "fgpuidle..." still shows, but more log entries show after that, such as osxfuse starting, and the snbfb load error (obviously because it doesn't exist, in this case i deleted it). So I'm wondering if when the snb kext is in place, and the verbose boot stops at fgpuidle... , more is happening after that that i'm not seeing, possibly the snbfb load error. the problem is, I dont know if that error is there or not because it does not show anything past fgpu idle... , along with whatever else normally shows after that. if i wait about 30 seconds after the verbose gets stuck there, i can control the volume from the keyboard and hear the volume level beeps as if its booted up, just the screen is stuck on the verbose screen. I am begging for help, either help with possible boot flags, other dsdt edits, kext patches, and what "fGPUIdleIntervalMS = 0" means, and whether or not it is something I should be worrying about. Also, as a sidenote, Considering this model laptop is only $500, has a touchscreen that is compatible with mac, and everything is working with mac, I was hoping we can raise some awareness of the existence of this laptop in the hackintosh community, and possibly get it an app like the probook installer to help with these edits and patches I have to do to get graphics working. In other words, with the hackintosh community's help getting this last feature working on this laptop, if it does end up working, I would like to have it gain some recognition in the community as one of the most hackintoshable laptops out there, like the probook. It is much less chunky than a probook, has a working touchscreen, is cheap, and hopefully can be just as easy to hackintosh as a probook with the help of the hackintosh community to get the garphics working, and then make an app for it like the probook installer (or at least a really easy to use guide). Thank you guys so so much in advance for any insight you can give me.