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  1. Can't enter yosemite after installation.

    My Clover bootloader is R2696. Now i change to use Chameleon Bootloader R2377 Yoemite V2 post by chris1111, always have error read kernel cache, i much use UseKernelCache=No
  2. Can't enter yosemite after installation.

    I have Cache in S/L/C/xxx/Start because i can boot to YM, if i boot to Mavericks and return to boot YM i have this error by USB Clover bootloader. Now i much boot to Mavericks with Chameleon bootloader on part1. If want boot to YM i much use USB Clover bootloader.
  3. Can't enter yosemite after installation.

    My Hackintosh is: My SSD is MBR with 3 Partition Part 1 Installed Mavericks 10.9.3 with Chameleon bootloader Part 2 Windows 7 64 Part 3 Yosemite After install Yosemite and rebuild cache i can boot Yosemite by USB Installer with Clover bootloader. Normal i use Chameleon boot to Mavericks, sometimes return to Yosemite by USB Installer Colver i has error link this I much reboot USB Installer with -s to fsck -fy (check disk) -> mount -uw / and exit to rebuild caches. I have plant to change Chameleon on Part 1 by Clover but if i boot to Mavericks ok then Yosemite error load caches, if i boot to Yosemite ok then Mavericks errror load caches. Someone have solution to multiboot Maverick, Win 7 and Yosemite?