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  1. Lenovo g550 help

    I'm still having no luck and I have run out of things to try, is there anyone within this forum community who can at least try and help shed some light on this with me please??
  2. [Mavericks Boot Problems]

    I think I read somewhere that if you can then you use the dvi port and not the vga or something like that if installing OSX?
  3. Lenovo g550 help

    I now seem to be having intermittent mouse activities on start up, one boot it will work and then another random boot it won't even move? Has anyone got or had this issue and managed to resolve it with out the use of an external mouse? Also I've still had no luck in finding a solution to the wifi issue either if there is anyone on here who can help me if be very greatfull Thanks
  4. Direct Downloads? My ISP doesn't allow torrents.

    Try and use a proxy website. Type in google torrent proxy and there will be a list of torrent proxy sites which will bypass the ISP block on torrents Or if you search google for the actual torrent and then click on the cached link just under the link and open in new pag or tab then the torrent page will open and you can download the torrent There's 2 options that can get you the torrent file. Hope that helped
  5. Lenovo g550 help

    after a little bit of help if possible, I have installed mavericks on my Lenovo g550 laptop via niresh with dual boot on windows 7 and all is well except for a small mousepad issue with being able to drag items instead I am only able to click and move the mouse so holding down the right button to select and hold a item so I can drag it or what ever it doesn't work? i also have a slight issue with wifi, I can scan for wifi and it picks up my network as well as others but when I put in the password it just says connection failed every time on every wifi which I wish to connect to, I have tried the fix but no joy as well as the chameleon boot loader fix and again no you in being able to actually connect to my wifi as far I can tell you is it is a Broadcom card which is standard for the g550 any by help or if you need more info I will try my best to provide and any help is great fully appreciated i am new to hackintosh so your going to have to be blonde with me lol