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  1. CPU ( Intel Core i5 4690 Haswell 3.5 GHz) GPU (Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 970) MotherBoard (Asus H97m-e) Ethernet (Realtek 8111GR) The major issues I encountered were the graphics and stuttering movement on the screen with larger latency between two stutters. My default resolution was 1024*764 but I somehow managed to change it to 1920*1080 by using a option in multibeast. But my gpu is not getting identified by OS. I did some research on the internet and tried installing NVIDIA Web Driver 343.01.02f01 and booted up with nvda_drv=1 flag but then my monitor went off and started showing NO SIGNAL. And if I boot without any boot flags then I am seeing large amount of stuttering which makes it unable to navigate on the screen. So would anyone please help me make my GTX 970 work on yosemite ?
  2. I have installed Niresh Mavericks on my PC having resolution of 1400*900. After the installation it is stucked at 1024*768 and there are lots of frame drops on the desktop. What should I do to take full advantage of the screen ?