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  1. Can my Desktop run OS X

    right now i'm just trying mavericks because in order to install yosemite mavericks must be already installed.
  2. Can my Desktop run OS X

    I already did:
  3. Can my Desktop run OS X

    None of those worked. Just reboots my PC.
  4. Can my Desktop run OS X

    I got the usb to boot but it gets stuck at: [ PCI configuration begin ]
  5. Can my Desktop run OS X

    This is my PC: I have linux (OpenSuse 13.1) installed and am duel booting with GRUB2. Do I need a separate hardrive? Can I integrate OSX into a GRUB menu option to boot or do I HAVE to use the Niresh bootloader. will OSX run on my PC and is Niresh the only option because its an AMD machine , and what steps should i take to do so. I want to run Yosemite but will I be able to update it without a developer account and eventually get a final build?