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  1. Not able to Boot after Installation [ASUS-X550LD]

    @sloeberGJ Thank you very much for your guidelines. I tried to edit fewer Atheros Wi-Fi kext to make it work, But still no luck. I searched in various blogs and posts too If you can help me with IO80211Family.kext we can do it I hope And more than the Wi-Fi Driver, I hardly need the Audio driver. If you could help me in doing that It'd be great. It's RealTek ALC233, with Codec id 0x10EC0233 Device id 0x80869C20. Thanks again
  2. Not able to Boot after Installation [ASUS-X550LD]

    @sloeberG Finally I found all the information required, Please suggest me the suitable drivers (kexts). I tried few matching kexts but nothing worked yet. Wi-Fi Device is "Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565" (AR956X) Audio Device is "RealTek ALC233 High Definition Audio" And my TouchPad is working perfectly, I just removed the ApplePS2Controller in Extensions and replaced with yours, Thanks lot. Only the above two problems left, Audio and Wi-Fi, Please help to get it done EDIT: Here are the screenshots: I tried Boot with "HDAEnabler=Yes" and I got these devices shown in the system information, But still no Audio device is detected. It's Realtek ALC233 Wi-Fi Device Detected: I used DPCIManager App to get this screenshot. It shows suggestions AirPortAtheros40.kext with "pci168c,30".. Please give suggestions to get the correct drivers (kext) for these devices.. Thanks In Advance
  3. Not able to Boot after Installation [ASUS-X550LD]

    @sloeberGJ I tried your "ElanTouchPad driver .kext" But sill I did NOT get my touchpad working, It leads to a kernel panic with ApplePS2Controller / ApplePS2Keyboard. Is there any way to get TouchPad work? I'm not sure how to find exact CHIP name and code of my Wi-Fi / Audio / TouchPad. Could anybody please tell how can I do that ? My Laptop Model is "ASUS X550LD-XX082D". In windows 8.1 Wi-Fi driver is "Qualcomm atheros wifi driver" And Audio is "RealTek Audio driver". This is what I got from from the system Info of the installed Mac, Graphics Card Information: I tried Booting with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes", But still in "About This Mac" dialogue it shows "Intel HD 64MB Shared Memory" NOT the nVidia Graphics Card. Which driver should I install to get it work ? ... Audio Device Information: Which Driver kext should I use to get it work ? ... Wi-Fi Device Information: Which Driver should I use to get Wi-Fi Work ? (For Ethernet Realtek Driver works fine) Please provide me any information on which "kext" files should I use to get these things work. Thanks In Advance
  4. Not able to Boot after Installation [ASUS-X550LD]

    Hey guys, I'm almost there.. :D Again I reinstalled the OS by unchecking "Niresh Audio Drivers". OS Installed and Booted Successfully WITHOUT any Boot flag. Bluetooth Devices, USB3.0 Devices,Flash Drives works perfect and still the following problems persists. Laptop TouchPad NOT working. USB Mouse is working. (Laptop Keyboard works fine) Wi-Fi Drivers NOT detected. Audio Drives NOT detected. Please help me to install these device drivers using MultiBeast or some other software, Thanks
  5. Not able to Boot after Installation [ASUS-X550LD]

    @sloeberGJ Thanks for the reply. I reinstalled the OS by unchecking the "GraphicsEnabler=Yes". On the first boot I tried "-v -x" and it got successfully booted to the OS, I created the user account and everything goes fine. But the issues are, Laptop TouchPad doesn't works, I used a USB Mouse to navigate. (Laptop keyboard worked fine). Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi does NOT detected. No Audio. FAT32/NTFS Formatted flash drives are NOT detected. Is this all because of I booted with "-x" (safe mode) ? How can I get all these devices worked and make the normal boot work ? Please help me in doing so. Thanks once again EDIT: About nVidia Optimus: I'm not sure about it. The Architecture GF117 used in conjunction with Optimus as per the post here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-820M.108477.0.html
  6. This is my first time time OS X installation on a laptop. Configuration as below, CPU: Intel Core i7 4500U GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 820M - 2GB RAM: 8GB Model: ASUS X550LD I installed the OS using "xpcm-free -v" It worked and after installation, I'm not able to Boot for the first time. I tried booting with "-v" and the result is.. .. After that I tried booting it with, "-v -x GraphicsEnabler=No" and "-v -x PCIRootUID=1/0 (both) GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes (Both)" But couldn't get it working. the result is as follows, ... I tried booting the OS with "-s" to backup the Graphics kext files, but in my "/System/Library/Extensions" directory doesn't consist of any AppleIntel* files or anything. There are only 5 or 6 files kext files nothing else. Please help me with your suggestion to boot the OS. Thanks In Advance