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  1. Jpull, I finally got my virtual Mavericks to load. I ran it in Virtualbox with no joy all the flags etc etc, came across a single thread somewhere and finally tried one last thing. I'm partial to virtualbox and open source software but someone said to try the latest VMware, I did and it worked. I was able to get to the installer and run it there. Since I was using the virtual install as a test for my actual install I decided to try the next steps back on my Dell E6440 and finally got it succesfully installed last night. For anyone else stumbling across this thread and maybe looking for some information for my PC or for a Haswell 4300u processor, you HAVE to use the dmg file to create the bootable disk from niresh mavericks "USB" version. Some tut's may say either one works, but I could never get the ISO/IMG version to boot, has to be the dmg. Switch bios HD settings to ahci, boot to usb may say "Invalid Paritition table!" hit any key and you'll see the initial boot options, make sure niresh mavericks is highlighted and you may have to work with different flags, but for the Dell it was ONLY xpcm-free -v You'll soon see the install screen and you know the rest. As for the editing of the boot.list and things of that nature, I will be experimenting the rest of this week trying to get everything succsefully configured and figured out. When/IF I do I'll post back here.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Trying to get this to install on Dell E6440 with i5 4300u Intel HD 4600. whenever I try to boot from Niresh USB (has to be in legacy mode since UEFI is not supported) changed bios HD to ahci but it will flash apple logo grey screen for a second and reboot, I have tried several methods of -s -x -v USB fix etc etc and in verbose I was able to see it looked like it was a peripheral error, but have gotten no farther. Now I'm trying to load into virtualbox and had the bluetooth controller transport issue, I fixed that somewhat by booting with dart=0. I'm currently staring at the spinning apple logo screen waiting for anything to happen.