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  1. Asus N53jn graphic issue or something else

    well i dont have any option for that "NVIDIA Optimus" it cannot be diabled in bios. but the thing is i did install it few month ago using the exact same options "GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v" and it worked. i stuffed up after that when i accidently formated the HDD. am trying to instakll it again but now it's not happining again?! am even using the same USB installation that i used before.
  2. Asus N53jn graphic issue or something else

    hello its a i5 450M CHIPSET HM55 IntelHD "not sure 3000 or 4000" NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M and this is what happen after choosing GraphicEnabler=Yes
  3. After installing Niresh 10.9 I get the error in the image, the screen just went crazy Sorry I couldn't upload the photo, but I basically get a strips of lines across the screen oO And if I set the GraphicsEnabler=no I get stuck at the wheel of death "aka apple logo spinning wheel" So please Heeeeeeeelp Thanx Laptop Specs: Intel i5 2.40 Intel hd graphic Nvidia gt335m 6gb ram