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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Flavius and I have a custom building PC running Windows 7 and I want really bad to install mac os on it. I have CPU : Intel i7 3770k, GPU : Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GT 440, Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z68P-DS3, RAM : 4 GB DDR3 Kingston, Ethernet built-in. I tried all possible options from the YouTube videos also from here(Guides) but I couldn't install it . I would appreciate any help !!! I booted the niresh os x 10.9 mavericks on a USB with Win32DiskImager, after that I made all the changes in bios, especially the AHCI and after that booted from the USB but I don't know what commands should I use to boot it correctly , anyway, the os booted fin e, I erased the hard drive(60GB INTEL SSD) with mac os extended(journaled) extension and hit the continue button. After that I selected the drive and hit costumize, again...I dont't know what options should I select to boot correctly for my specific hardware ... I tried a lot of possible options but none gave me the oportunity to install properly the mac os mavericks. Some of the selected options in the customize menu stopped the installation below a quarter , some of them helped to install 100% but I couldn't start the os ... Please help me with a video or anything ... P.S.: I don't have any original mac or hackintosh to create the boot USB, only Windows 7. !!!!! Thank you very much again !!!!!

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