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  1. Intel HD Graphics 4600 Problems

    I have the same problem when I use Safari... Now I am using Chrome...
  2. Hi to everyone who plan to install Mavericks on Lenovo Z710... Hardware description is: CPU: Intel i7 LAN: Qualcomm Atheros AR 8171/8175 PCI-E WLAN: Intel Wireless-N 7260 VGA: Intel HD Graphics 4600 / NVIDIA GeForce GT740M After several trying I successfully installed Mavericks on my Ideapad. Here is the guide you could follow: 1. I used a 8GB Kingstone USB and write the Niresh Mavericks image on my Windows 8 PC. 2. I have started a brand new hard disk to keep the original in safe. 3. Installed the Win 8.1 at first. During the install process I've prepared 3 partitions (Win, OS X, Documents) but formated only one for Windows, the others could be formated with OS X disk manager. 4. Windows install finished, all the PC works perfectly. 5. Switch your PC off and plug the 8GB USB and switch the PC on with the recovery button (next to the power button) to reach the boot menu. 6. Boot from your USB Key. In short time you will receive the boot menu. 7. Choose the Mavericks install and use the flag xpcm-free and press Enter. After around 2 minutes you will see the Installer menu. 8. Use the disk manager to format the necessary partition for Mavericks and for the Documents. (I have formated the doc partition to Fat to use it as a bridge between the two OSs). 9. Click customize (or something else on the left corner) to select the components to install. 10. The default parameters almost good but some changes must be done. These are the follows: - Back up all the VGA kext (ATI, Intel, NVidia) by selecting them. - The IGPEnabler must be selected also but the GraphicsEnabler must be unselected. - Modify some points under the Chipset settings: - Click Disabler to select and unselect the NullCPUPowermanagement... - Select 10.8.1 under the AppleACPIPlatform. Settings are finished. Click install. The Install process takes a bit more then 22 minutes... - When it finished reboot your PC and remove the USB Key. - Select Maverics to boot... The boot process takes around 2 minutes You need the Hackintosh Vietnam Tool and MacPois0n to copy the kext files. - Start the Vietnam Tool - Go to the Chameleon - Config and select the HD4400/4600 Mobile - Go to Kext - Network - Ethernet and select Atheros, - Go to Kext - Graphics and select HD4400/HD4600 DP/HDMI Click Install - Start MacPois0n - Find Drivers - Sound and select Voodoo HDA 2.8.5 - Click Install Reboot your computer and enjoy... If you start with recovery button you could select the required OS (to Windows you must select the Reserved for blablabla...) There is two HW components which is not working: The Intel Wireless-N 7260 card If somebody have solution to start it please share with us. Otherwise the compatible card must be installed, and the NVidia GeForce...
  3. Hi, can somebody write a step-by-step guide to install OS X Maverick on my Lenovo Ideapad? The config is Lenovo Z710 I7 4700MQ, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M 16 GB RAM I already tried to install several times but always with the same result: restart after white Apple logo on the display and back to boot menu... Thanks in advance.