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  1. Help with ASUS G71G Notebook

    Bumping, i have edited my last reply.
  2. Help with ASUS G71G Notebook

    looking for the forum i found and talking about backup graphics kext enabling, but it seems its after installation, is that right? Im stucked at installation progress, thanx for ur answer Update: I was found another usefull post where some1 said: but im not reaching this step, my full progress is: 1 Gray screen with apple logo and "working..." icon. 2 Crash by [AGPM Controller] Unknown Platform.
  3. Help with ASUS G71G Notebook

    Dear Staff, After trying many boot options im stuck with [AGPM Controller] Unknown Platform, Hardware is: ASUS G71G Core 2 DUO P8400 Nvidia GeForce 9800M GS 512M Attaching sshot with the last log, then I got a shutdown animation instead a full gray screen like other users.