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  1. ATI Radeon 4850 Kext help !!!!!

    I tried Installing QE/CE Exotic patch Maverick 10.9 GM, after reboot.. It shows "Out of range" Just after apple boot screen.. Anyone got any solution.. Please help !!!!
  2. ATI Radeon 4850 Kext help !!!!!

    Hi, I have just managed to install OSX Maverick 10.9.0 by Niresh, on my i7 920 on DFI UT x58 T3eh8. I got my sound and network working somehow. now i am struck on Graphics ATI 4850, I am fully confused what to do next, as i am new to all this... I found few QE/CE Exotic patch for the card one is for Maverick 10.9 GM, second 10.9.1 and third 10.9.2. I am confused, which one i should install.. Guys just help me, I am totally new to all this..