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  1. Uninstall Niresh 10.9 ?

    Hi friends , My friend brought DELL XPS with in build windows 8.1 .. so he wanted to install mac.. there was no option of achi in bios. So he turned off secure boot and changed uefi to legacy. Andd booted from niresh 10.9 installed usb.. so before that he made 2 partions.. one was his windows OS and other was named as Mackintosh. So everything went fine and he came to installer and from disk utility he made that mackintosh parition as Mac Journel and bla bla.. and he installed mac fine.. but he didnt choose the boot loader option as he said he want pc to boot to windows normal and boot to mac if only that usb chmlen is connected.. so he installed ... and he said me that when he keep uefi in bios .. it boots to windows and if he keeps legacy it still boots to windows or usb if he want to choose usb as boot device.. and he can only go to mac os if he connects that usb.. is that true in his case ? His in foregin now.. now he says as his windows boot to windows automatically. So he asked me in order to uninstall mac.. can he delect that mac partion from windows disk management ? Will it cause any problem ? He asked me this... I need ur guys help pls.. tell me whether if he delect the mackinstosh partion will it be safe as he didnt install any boot loader . And he boots mac by his chmlen bootloader usb device.. please help guys.. thank u
  2. Hella guys , Downloaded Niresh 10.9 USB version and using win32diskimager burned to usb.. Everything went fine.. So when i try to install it in mah Dell Inspiron 15z Intel 4000 HD 2 GB Dedicated And Intel i5. I didnt try any boot flags i received apple logo and loading went fine then i received a screen this one in link ( https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-shXN7p6W6E0/U6Sk51sw3kI/AAAAAAAAAiw/C0KY3P4GeX8/s213-p/20140620_034752.jpg ) and this ( https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-DupYUJ-8itQ/U6SlE1YFtwI/AAAAAAAAAi0/hWLN296KKQ0/w212-h213-p/FB_IMG_1403221699354.jpg ) ... i received this 2 screens keep showing then i tired many bootflags same result... Next i tired it in my pc ... ASROCK Motherboard DDR3 ( Overclockable but not overclocked ) Intel Platinum 4 And Intel GMA 128 Dedicated Graphics.. so when i tired in this.. i received the bootloader so i tapped enter and apple logo appeared and stuck over there .. tried many many bootflags nothing worked .. if i try -v it shows some scripts and shows black screen.. I need help for both.. but i need to know what to do with my lap with those 2 screens and wid pc apple logo stuck.. Help me please.