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  1. I got mavericks installed on my Asus M51AD as well as dual booting with OEM windows. I resolved a lot of the problems that I was having such as grey screen and what not. Most of it is working just fine no hiccups nor crashes. The problem is that the OEM wifi and bluetooth adapter are not being recognized, the model number is "RTL8821AE Combo" from AzureWave - Realtek. Thanks. https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Realtek_RTL8821AE_Combo_Module
  2. Grey screen when booting mavericks

    I had this problem and resolved it fairly quickly. My graphics card is a Gtx 760 192bit (OEM) and had the same grey screen. What I did was once it was finished installing i booted using the line "GraphicsEnabler=No" and that fixed it. So it was trying to use my intel graphics every time it booted. I had to reinstall without the GraphicsEnabler line unselected at the install screen and it worked perfectly after that. Good luck.